Guide to choose your perfect luggage

Soft-case or Hard-case luggage bags?

The soft-sided luggage, usually built mostly on nylon, polyester or fabric canvas, is the most expandable. Nylon and polyester are the best materials as they are much lighter.

The hard-sided cases, on the other hand, protect fragile items that you might carry with you.

Which size works best?
  • Choose the luggage size relative to your length of the stay. A duffle bag would suffice for an overnight trip, while a 55 - 66cm luggage would be good for a short trip of 3 – 4 days. A larger sized 70 - 82cm luggage would be more appropriate for longer stay of 7 days or more.
  • Mode of transportation plays a part too. You will have more luggage space for air travel while having to contend with smaller luggage compartment when you travel by train.
Do I opt for an Upright or a Spinner?

Uprights are great if the bag is not filled with heavy items. They are easier to drag on uneven surfaces, than spinners which are more suitable for plain surfaces.

Spinners, on the hand, offer great ease of maneuverability, irrespective of the weight of items packed. They also allow unparalleled ease when you have multiple bags (handbag, laptop bags, etc) to carry.

What other special traveling needs?

For business travel, a more formal piece with lots of packing features may be required. A leisure traveller may require a simpler solution.

Choose luggage bags that are expandable, these allow an additional 30% space to accommodate additional items.

Super lightweight luggage is also a popular choice as it eases the burden of a heavy luggage, allowing one to travel around more stylishly.

Luggage coupled with TSA locks would be a great option for travellers to the USA. TSA locks can be opened by the USA custom authorities with a universal key during their screening, without damaging the lock or the luggage bag.

Also, opt for bright, colorful luggage - They inject the element of fun to your travelling and make it much easier to pick out as your piece circles around the luggage carousel.

At which price point?

Considering the life cycle cost of a luggage bag, cheaper ones may turn out to be false economy. Therefore, always go for a reputable brand with strong brand heritage and know how.

All American Tourister luggage bags go through a series of six quality control tests for durability, strength and dependability. The 3-year global warranty also further assures its high quality standards.